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It's still new, and there are always a few bugs to work out with new software." "I appreciate it man. Me and a couple guys from sales meet up to watch football at my place on Sundays. " Football wasn't really my thing—typical computer nerd working in IT, I guess—but I thought it was a good opportunity to meet some new people at the office.

Mark seemed like a nice enough guy, so I figured his friends would probably be too.

Jeremy was sharp and witty, and had a bit of a sarcastic streak.

I could immediately see how his quick wits would help him out in sales.

I learned that Todd grew up in Wisconsin and was the biggest football fan of the three.

He was friendly, but was mostly focused on the screen, watching highlight clips and trying to follow along with what the commentators were saying about the game.

She grew up in Korea but her family had recently moved to the States as part of her father's business plans.

I was a bit nervous about moving out-of-state after finishing my Masters degree in computer science, but the offer I got to work in IT and software development with an insurance company in California was just too good to pass up.

I wasn't the most outgoing person, so I was a bit worried about making social connections in a new city.

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