Son marriage dating homeschooled

Acting as referee, the court will choose what is in the “best interests of the child.” But how does a judge decide which schooling is best?

And is there anything the “teacher-parent” can do to preserve the right to homeschool?

In paternity or child custody hearings, parents who never married experience similar ordeals.

But what happens when these “non-couples” disagree about homeschooling?

A single sentence in the decree could save years of heartache later. The Education Factor Quality of education, both at public school and at home, is the next major factor.

And some studies conclude that adult interaction is equally as important as peer contact. Some, like Brenda Kurowski, learn the hard way that family courts can step in and force their children to enroll in public school.Brenda and Martin Kurowski divorced in Massachusetts after the birth of their daughter, Amanda.The divorce court awarded them joint child custody, and Amanda moved with her mother to New Hampshire.But when Brenda decided to homeschool Amanda during first grade, her ex-husband went to court to stop the home education.

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