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Learn how a supportive and caring adult can help a child overcome childhood trauma and exposure to violence.

The next frontier of #Me Too in the workplace is changing culture.

If you need support there are people and resources available to help.

Remind your teen that he or she deserves a violence free relationship and that abuse is NEVER appropriate and NEVER their fault.

Pass on the information below, but let your teen know you are SAN FRANCISCO (April 27, 2016) – Futures Without Violence (FUTURES) announced today that it received its first Webby Award for That’s Not Cool, a website aimed at preventing teen dating violence and digital abuse.

The NCJRS Abstracts Database contains abstracts of more than 200,000 criminal justice, juvenile justice, and substance abuse resources housed within the NCJRS Library.

#Check Your Workplace gives workers the tools, resources, and strategies to come together, assess the state of their workplaces, and demand change.

By coming together and taking a culture walk in their workplace, employees can identify and eliminate overt and less visible factors that may limit inclusion and leadership opportunities for some, and create a culture where more workers can thrive.

In all likelihood, your young teen is experiencing significant emotional, psychological and physical changes.Whether you have concerns about bullying, verbal insults, physical aggression or the use of guns, teen violence is something no one should tolerate.Instead of waiting for teens to get violent, the CDC advocates for the use of prevention programs to stop aggressive behaviors before they start.Prevention programs -- whether they are at school, in the community, at church or any other place the teens frequent -- aim to reduce violence by removing risks associated with aggression and promoting more positive factors.Youth violence prevention programs can target the teens themselves, giving them coping strategies to manage their anger or making them more aware of the consequences of violent acts, or might focus on parents and families.

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