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For the triple jump qualifications, requests for different board (9 m/11 m) will be considered at the Technical Meeting (athlets PB/SB).

In any event, at the Technical Meet-ing the heights and progression can be discussed.

■ Distribution and receipt of Relay Order Confir-mation Forms.

■ Distribution of items confiscated in the Call Room ■ Receipt and collection of personal implements.

Relay events Each country may enter one (1) team composed of a maximum of six (6) athletes for each relay race.

Any four (4) athletes among these may be entered for the competition.

The Organizing Committee will provide implements and equipment certified by the IAAF. Personal Implements will also be allowed, providing that: ■ They are readily identifiable and are IAAF cer-tified ■ They are not already on the official list ■ They have been checked in accordance with IAAF Rules and the Technical Delegates´ instructions.

The implements provided by the Organizing Committee are selected from those appearing on the current IAAF approved implements list. ■ They are made available to all other athletes un-til the end of the Final of the event.

Individual events will take place if at least five (5) athletes are registered on the date of receipt of final entries.

For the women’s high jump, the initial height will be 1.45 m.

The bar will be raised by 5 cm each time up to 1.65 m and by 3 cm each time afterwards.

c) Regarding all other scheduled competitions, all registered participants will take part in the final.

For the long jump, triple jump, javelin throw, discus throw and shot put the best eight (8) athletes will be given three more attempts after the three initial attempts.

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