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For instance, when I was playing the game using the protagonist Naomi, an African-American teenager, it turned out that her boyfriend Buzz had been cheating on her.

To make matters worse, the third-party involved in the two-timing affair was her best friend Cassandra.

As the team’s advisor, Noah Wardrip-Fruin, explains it, the whole development process was like “ethnographic note-taking, but with media [.][…] The team would sit down and watch Mean Girls or Sex and the City and identify recurring patterns of social interactions” (, the creators were able to introduce what they call “social physics” into the game.

The objective is to create substantial characters with their individual histories and preferences, as well as the ability to converse in sophisticated dialogue.

Then, she goes on to click on the second character with whom the first character would interact, and pick the style of interaction (insult, brag, flirt, confide etc.).

While the motivation for the interaction may be general, the dialogue between the characters is specific to their individual traits and preferences.

The success of an action is determined by the relationship that a particular character shares with another character.

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The game models the dynamism of real-life connections between friends in a virtual gaming environment by complicating the relationships between the characters, such that two characters who have fallen out can still possess romantic feelings for each other.

There are five free options for the behaviour of each character.

However, the player is able to employ the so-called “Social Influence Points” to choose a more specific type of behaviour for a particular character.

The most obvious way is to turn other characters against Buzz.

However, if the player doesn’t want to be vicious by destroying Buzz’s reputation among his friends in the game world, she can choose to establish cordial relationships with Zack’s friends or even the head of the Prom Planning Committee.

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