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view=m Mnyio LJVa B2vzz Rn5I can't wait to see this scene. We've been hanging out on set a lot lately and she totally gives me a chick boner (as she says! Or are you one of the "A cock is a cock no matter what the color" type girls?? So, I've been having issues with a psycho/stalker/hacker on myspace, so I've had to just start a new page! I worked behind the scene for a good 7 or 8 months. Is that 'pornstar fucks civilian' something you like or hate but it's 'just part of the job' for the 'reality' companies Group action with Ashlynn and Eva more from the above: :thumbsup: Ms Jayden Ok my favorites in the video are you shaking that gorgeous round ass of yours and those kickin boobies! So my question, these kind of scenes, do you like this? ) scene, and when you don't have a hard dick or a good performer, it makes EVERYONE look bad! That kind of stuff is fun and funny to shoot, but it's difficult and kind of irritating. Thanx again :) greetz The guys are tested, and that's about all the planning that goes into it. know you announced it somethin "normal" that tie-up shit.. We were supposed to act the way we did, we were supposed to make fun of them, etc. They even have the guys tested for STDs prior to the scene! Geez, Eva doesn't hold back on telling those guys what she thinks lol, she's the same on her Bang Bus episode. As hot you 3 girls are, I had to turn it off halfway, these guys were disturbing me. Of course, we're working with civilians who have NEVER had sex on camera in a room full of men holding cameras. We try to have fun with it, but, at the same time, we know what it takes to get a good (or descent! Some of you are too young to remember Mia X who was the First Lady of No Limit Records.But she is a true lady in every sense of the word, who rides for her peoples and always keeps it real. I read sandrarose all the time and I'd like shout you out for finally pressing all that hair out you better work lol.

Anyway, the lovely Mia X reached out to to set the record straight regarding convicted rapper C Murder's relationship with a young Monica at the peak of her career back in the day. Yes, they we're fans, and yes, they were amateurs... Legally, you can't put porn, or any sex act, on the internet without a signed release. If I would be so bold as to make a personal request as to a new IR scene I'd love to see you take on Lexington Steele again or Mr Marcus both legends in the field! We were not 'just hanging at the beach' and 'approached by fans'. I love you that was phenomenal if it's cool I am going to download and save the vid off youtube. Check out some of the footage that Ahryan and I shot over our 4th of July weekend in Lake Havasu... As hot you 3 girls are, I had to turn it off halfway, these guys were disturbing me. I've seen the (part of) the scene with you, Eva Angelina and Ashlynn Brooke, the one with the 5 or 6 guys. I love doing the solo ones, and they loved how those came out, so they asked me if I'd work with Derrick Pierce for a scene. Honestly, during the first set, my legs were tied together, my hands tied behind my back, and I was face down on a mattress. But, Derrick and I sat there for a few minutes, talked, and he eased me up. I'm sure many people disagree with me but to me they were just acting for the scene. We were not 'just hanging at the beach' and 'approached by fans'. I think your boobies look bigger know since you toned up and I love your hair straight. The whole thing about 'class' and 'being shallow'... It is 'amateur' porn, but the whole thing is a set up. v=Fp F6p Ofq9-0 Yeah,your right Jayden, I was definetly entertained. Check out some of the footage that Ahryan and I shot over our 4th of July weekend in Lake Havasu... One was already cumming on you after a short blowjob/ or fuck. I got a question for Jayden: First of all, enjoying your work, you are a very beautiful women. I also feel like since the evidence aginst him on the pending trial from the 2002 incident seems so weak the release of this video is to taint the minds of people.As a friend of Corey for almost two decades I feel the need to tell people that he has grown and matured in the last eight years and all I can do is continue to ask God to order Coreys' steps and all of our love ones as well.

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