Sikh men dating

However, such comments are especially hurtful and painful when they come from the parents of a person I have a deep and meaningful connection with.It’s even worse when they criticize my body and my age (things I cannot control)!In this specific situation I’m referring to, I was attacked by the father of a person I was seriously involved with.His father said I did not “look good” standing next to his son (we’re the same height and I am physically bigger than him ), and that because I am a year older than him, psychologically we were not going to work.

We have already addressed how Sikh women are faced with extra scrutiny in our Punjabi culture, but how does that move to the next step?Ultimately, I felt like he should have been careful about the words he used when talking about women. I learned that many Sikh women have gone through similar things.So many sisters ended relationships because of what their partner’s parents’ backwards thinking about what an “ideal wife” should look like.I have my faults and I know I am nowhere near perfect.But I also know as Sikhs, our true judge is only our Guru.

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