Signing dating prints

Users can set one or more lines of custom text known as a signature block to be automatically appended to their messages.This text usually includes a name, contact information, and sometimes quotations and ASCII art.A signature may be made by the purported signatory; alternatively someone else duly authorized by the signatory, acting in the signer's presence and at the signatory's direction, may make the signature.

In the United States this is prevalent with architectural and construction plans.The traditional function of a signature is to permanently affix to a document a person’s uniquely personal, undeniable self-identification as physical evidence of that person's personal witness and certification of the content of all, or a specified part, of the document.For example, the role of a signature in many consumer contracts is not solely to provide evidence of the identity of the contracting party, but also to provide evidence of deliberation and informed consent.The signature on a painting or other work of art has always been an important item in the assessment of art.Fake signatures are sometimes added to enhance the value of a painting, or are added to a fake painting to support its authenticity.

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