Sharepoint 2016 site usage report not updating

You will see the SQList Service is running and data is being synchronised: At this point you could close the SQList manager and leave the windows service to keep the data in synch.

If we open this lists in the Share Point site we will see the following columns in this list: And the data looks something like this: Once the replication is complete we can open the database in SQL Server Management studio: First of all, let’s open our Power BI desktop application and Get the data from our SQL Azure database And enter our SQL Azure database details and click ok: And now enter our credentials to access the database and click connect: Open the navigator and select the table of interest.

In our case, SQList is keeping the Axio Works Sales: Axio Works Sales table in synch with our Share Point list Click “Load” and we now see the Power BI canvas to allow us to create our first visualistaion But first I’m goign to create a column for Month that I’m going to use in my visualisation: And I’ll do the same for year: Now I’m goign to create a visualisation using Treemap and use a slicer based on year.

I’m also going to filter where sales Publish to Power BI Service Sign In to Power BI And I now have a visualisation based on my Share Point list Step 3: Embed in Share Point Online There are a few requirements in order for Embed in Share Point Online reports to work.

This script is tested on these platforms by the author. If you try it and find that it works on another platform, please add a note to the script discussion to let others know.

Property Description Page name Sets the default page that is shown by the web part. If no pages are displayed, either your report has one page, or the URL you pasted contains a page name.

For more information, see Create and distribute an app in Power BI.

Alternatively, you can grant users access to your report by doing the following.

Multi-factor authentication is not yet supported with Azure Active Directory 2.0. If the user signs-in again to Share Point Online using their security device, they may be able to view the report.

Your report may not load within the Power BI (Preview) web part and may show the following message.

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