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They ranged in age from the teens to the sixties but were usually in their twenties.

They were frequently on the go, prompted to move by the cyclical and seasonal fortunes of Texas towns and by recurrent surges of antivice activity.

Though prostitution paid better than most jobs open to women, few prostitutes prospered.

Camp laundresses sometimes doubled as prostitutes, and prostitutes also congregated at the sordid settlements that sprang up near such army posts as Saint Angela (the future San Angelo), across the Concho River from Fort Concho, and "the Flat" below Fort Griffin.

Elsewhere in West Texas the spread of prostitution reflected the burgeoning ranching industry and the expanding railroad network.

Both white and black women figured prominently among Texas prostitutes.

In Austin half or more of the prostitutes during the 1880s and 1890s were white, most of them born in the United States, while about 40 percent were blacks and some 7 percent Hispanics.

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