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Pannlngton County, Ml Mttela Wadnaiday, January a, 1974 December Ends On Frigid -36 Degree Note On Mon.

1 1 r r v T PAUL', M'( : ' | | Published ■ Twice A Week Thief River Falls 15" TM«f flint Folli.

Observations that were recorded Indicate that the December mean temperature was 5. Morning Thief Hivcr Falls public schools wilt open following the Christmas and New Year's holidays on Monday at the regular hour, according to Dr. • Bus routes will continue on same schedule as prior to holidays and there will be change In pick-up limes. These will primarily Ir* (luitl milk, shell egg and tjiikery products. Borchert attended Concordia Theological seminary at Springfield, ill. Pallbearers were Carl Ryan, a if ford Johnson, Harold Lam- bert, Elmer Krohn, Roy. Mrs, Blomberg, the former Christine Johnson, was bom Nov. On July 10, 1905, she was united in marriage at Rosewood to Emil Blomberg.

"It doesn't do anyone any good hanging In here." said Mrs. has been directing work at the coaler for the pint three years and Is one of its most active workers. work traffic you must increase your following distances PLACE SETTING *P1 PLACE SET' Sale SAVE 35% ON COMMUNITY" SILVERPLATE BY ONEIDA 5-PIECE PLACE SETTING id Fork, Place Folk.

During that entire pcrold the center has been located on the second door of the Thief River clinic on I-alirec ave. They have arrived with only light clothing suitable for more temperate climates and without funds to acquire a wardrobe of warm weather clothing. Aria nr Ctfrlstmas time the center distributed 3B baskets and boxes of food lo families in the area. 8,541 Paid In '73 Premiums At County Fairs Audit completed by the Min- nesota department of agriculture revealed that the state's 93 county fairs paid out sms'l.19 in premiums to local exhibitors during the ' MI73 county fair miilct of the udil triggered payment of stole aids anlhun-cd liv the state legi slat tire ('hecks totaling Si M. agricultural - ■ The of L-gior office Linda Wirak Del Harbott ' Hob Nygnnrd. "as good competition drivers we mustalwaysboawareofovcn the slightest change In the ability of our tires lo grip the track's surface.

The' welfare center lins helped to infill the need, orking at the center nut in 1,462 hours of recorded time in their project work last year, hut countless hours hi assistance undoubtedly went unrecorded. According to statistics kept by Mrs, Howes for her annual report to the sponsoring Seventh-day Adventist church, the center spent 1B3G to accomplish the year's activities. Win arc now in the mall lolhe Iik-ii I county agricultural societies and associations. The same Is true of the passenger car driver who wants to protect himself, and those riding with him. , I94tt, nn IIS helicopter set an unofficial world altitude record for helicopters when flown to 21.000 feet at Stratford, Conn., by C.

Among the main volunteers working at the center In addition to Mrs, Howes are Mrs.

6814954 ' NO APPOINTMENT HICI5SARY FALLS THEATRE _ DOWNTOWN — . Friday-Saturday, January 4 AV 3; 7i OO VJK SPECIAL DOUBLE FEATURE John Wayne in "TRUE GRIT" — and — .. Scandinavian music, dance and comedy presented by Winnipeg's famed Folklaroma entertainers will also be featured. Representatives of the Finnish, Norwegian, Danish ond Icelandic governments and of the Winnipeg Scandinavian community will bring greetings' or be rccognlicd.

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