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Murdoch may be the resident genius, and Julia may be a whiz in the dissecting room, but the unsung hero of Murdoch Mysteries has to be George Crabtree.

The intrepid copper has a way of winding Murdoch up - mainly thanks to his habit of bursting in on Murdoch and Julia when they're having one of their many anguished heart-to-hearts.

Karen’s a reporter who’s just gotten the hottest tip of her career…one that’s connected to her very attractive neighbor’s law firm.

She has no idea how she’ll get the insider access she needs to follow up, until Matt makes an unexpected offer.

And then, of course, there's the matter of the crimes themselves.

As you might expect from a show featuring an eccentric inventor-detective, the cases themselves stand apart from the usual whodunit malarkey.

Take the time a young Winston Churchill teamed up with Murdoch, after the future savior of Britain woke up in a room with a dead body in it.

Other famous figures to work alongside Murdoch have included Arthur Conan Doyle, Buffalo Bill Cody and Mark Twain, who was probably the most enjoyable of all (partly because he was played by William Shatner).

He would absolutely hate that - any kind of casual affection and jollity makes him wince - but that would just make you want to do it more.Murdoch is a bit like the boy from school who's always got his tie on properly, always does his homework correctly, stutters around girls, and would much rather be home with his chemistry set than out playing sports with the lads.The flipside to all this is how heroic and stubborn he is when it comes to justice, and this vulnerable/strong combination makes him completely irresistible.What is the point of survival, if damnation is assured; if every living day brings more pain than Hell could possibly contain? Ah, but has not every Saint that existed under the Lord's Gaze been plagued with doubt? **Completed - posting a chapter every few days** Something was different about Karen Page.Why hold a friend's hand, when your very existence threatens their life? It was almost like she returned from summer vacation with a new personality.

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