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Of course, the other teens hardly behave any better even without gender dysphoria.Sixteen-year-old Kat (Barbie Ferreira), fresh off her new cam girl lifestyle, has sex with a grown man outside a public carnival.Dad wraps his arms around me, pulling me closer still. Dad continues to rest on top of me, his cock remains in my ass.

The show also doesn’t shy away from commenting on Jules’ body dysphoria.My cock is so hard that it aches; it feels like it is going to explode, not with cum, but just explode like a bomb. “Show Dad how much you want to cum.”“Please, Dad, may I cum? ” I grunt as my boy cum races thru my boy dick and floods the sheets. Dad grasps my hips and pulls me back to his thick Daddy cock. Dad plunges deep into my hole, holding his breath.“Mumph, Mumph, Mumph,” Dad grunts. Dad fucks his dick into my ass harder, now, bottoming out with each stroke.“You’re such a good boy. Dad's arms are wrapped around his boy; Dad's right hand gripping my right wrist; Dad's left hand griping my left wrist.I am proud of you boy,” Dad says.“Thank you, Dad,” I moan. Tears stream down my face and I can no longer breath thru my nose. I drift into a peaceful, contented sleep, knowing that I am wrapped in Dad's arms as tightly as Dad's cock is wrapped in Dad's boy's ass.

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