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The Norse Sagas embody the real history of the Germanic race. * * * * SCHUYLKILL COUNTY 127 The Early Settlers If we wanted flour we had to go about 35 or 40 miles for it and to get it we had to beg it on credit ; then one got a bushel or two here and the other there of wheat and had to be often 3 or 4 days from home before we arrived with our own people, who waited meanwhile with pain and tears for bread. Phillip-* Zerbe, Jr., (Phillips Phillip-), lived at Delmatia : m. Their children were : Isaac, Reilly, Levi, Joel, Susan, m.

Greenland has many evidences of their settlement and farther south there are relics and proofs that the North American Indians absorbed these races and, as Father Charlevoix, Jesuit Priest, states, "Taught the aborigines the story of the cross be- fore the advent of the early missionaries," who have been accredited with that pioneer work. 33-198.) i6 BLUE BOOK OF Huguenots and Palatines The Swedes were the first settlers in Pennsylvania in 1638. Penn to treat with the Indi- ans came over in 1681, and Wm. 27, 1682.^ In 1 701 a small colony of Swedes settled on the Schuyl- kill River near the mouth of the Manatawny Creek, 10,500 acres were surveyed and layed off for them. The people had settled in villages, of which there were seven.

The Indian massacres along the frontier, the letters of the British officers and others higher up in the English government, make a wonderful story and one that no one who professes to be conversant with early history dare long remain unfamiliar with. Then the people separated into the province of New York. * * * * Nearly 150 families resolved to move to Jochary, a place about 40 English miles to the west of Albany.

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BLUE BOOK Contents CONTENTS ILLUSTRATIONS Follow Frontispiece — Road Petition, Year 1727. Zerbey Family 241 Joseph Henry Zerbey Family 242 "Pottsville Republican" 242 Robert A. Schwalm 432 Thomas Clouse and Amanda Schwalm Family 432 Thomas K. Schwalm Family 432 Hegins Valley Schwalms 433 Hubley Township Schwalms 435 VI SCHUYLKILL CO. SCHUYLKILL COUNTY m War of 1812-14 SOLDIERS IN WAR OF 1812-1814 FROM SCHUYLKILL COUNTY Captain John Rarr — Tavern-keeper, Pinegrove. George Gebert, gives many in- teresting facts of his life.) 124 BLUE BOOK OF The Early Settlers his father to New York, i/io, at the age of 14. ZERBE TUFT HUNTERS Some years ago the Phillip Zerbe branch, of Northum- berland County, employed a lawyer to go to Europe, where it was said a fortune of 60 million dollars awaited them. The commonwealth is slowly unveiling the rich treas- ures in her possession but many, too, of the invaluable docu- ments in her vaults were lost, through the ravages of time, dampness and mildew and through the peculations of dis- honest custodians, who were the prey of private collectors ; and some through lack of binding or transmission to print, and others to the careless methods with which they were preserved. A chief of the Magnaisch Na- tion by the name of Quaynant visited my father, and they decided that I should go with Quaynant into his country to learn the Magnaisch language. 14 BLUE BOOK OF Prologue It is a discredit to Pennsylvania that a more thorough and systematic effort is not made by authorized bibliograph- ers ; in addition to the transcribers employed on the archives, to at once rehabilitate what remains of these rich and rare treasures, as every year of delay means an added loss. Daniel Riefif's Co., Dec, 1777; Jan., 1778; in camp thirty and a half miles below Read- ing. I went with him and arrived toward the end of November, in Magnaisch Land, and had to lodge with the Indians. Reilly S Zerbe, (Phillip^ Phillip^ Phillip^), hotelkeeper at Shamokin Dam, Lower Mahantongo Township, removed to Sunbury, where he established the Zerbe Hotel; m. During the middle of the i6th century, the reformers under Calvin became strong in France, not only as a religious sect but as a political body. Then there were often of the Magnaisch on their hunting trips in trouble and there was much to interpret but without pay. The name Huguenots \vas given them in derision and they were bitterly opposed by the French Court and disliked by the Roman hierarchy. 152.) (Miller-Reber History, Part IH.) Reber, Michael— Capt. (Note) — The name Staudt occurs more than one hun- dred times in the Sth Series Penna. It would seem that any one of that name in the United States, who can prove the chronological order of descent, may find among the names of those mentioned an early ancestor. SCHUYLKILL COUNTY i05 War of the Revolution Stout, Daniel— Scrgt. There was no one else to be found among our people who understood the language.

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