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Submission Title: Marine Microscale Interactions: Exploring the Ecological Relationships Between a Cosmopolitan Eukaryotic Diatom Thalassiosira rotula and its Associated Heterotrophic Bacterial Assemblage Submission Title: Remote Sensing Techniques Applying Neural Networks for Effective Retrieval of Harmful Algal Blooms in the West Florida Shelf from VIIRS Satellite Observations, without the need for a Fluorescence Channel, and their comparisons with other Techniques.

Submission Title: Scaling from Surface Satellite Measurements of PIC to Integrated Euphotic Estimates over the Global Ocean: Do Vertical Profiles of Coccolithophores Look Like Vertical Profiles of Chlorophyll?

Il filmato - nonostante i buoni propositi - ha generato in realtà generato un po' di confusione fornendo informazioni poco chiare e poco corrette. D’altro canto, come emerso da numerosi studi scientifici di respiro internazionale, il THC numerose proprietà in ambito medico, soprattutto nella lotta alle malattie croniche e gravi, specie li dove la medicina tradizionale non risulta essere sufficientemente efficace.

In particolare, il THC risulta particolarmente efficace nella lotta al dolore e – a differenza dei farmaci – non presenta effetti collaterali.

Submission Title: Alterations in Location, Magnitude, and Community Composition of Discrete Layers of Phytoplankton in Cold, Deep Waters Near the 1% Isolume of the Laurentian Great Lake Michigan Among Years With Dramatically Different Meteorological Conditions Submission Title: Historic Shipwrecks as Ecosystem Monitoring Platforms in the Wake of Deepwater Horizon? Coastal Waters Using an Operational Platform, a Pilot Project of the NOAA Ecological Forecasting Roadmap. Submission Title: Different Levels of Hypoxia Tolerance during Early Life History Stages of Key Fish Species from the Northern Benguela Upwelling Ecosystem Inferred from the Comparison of Eco-Physiological Traits Submission Title: Characterizing Microbial Water Quality of Extreme Tide Floodwaters Discharged from an Urbanized Subtropical Beach: Case Study of Miami Beach with Implications for Sea Level Rise and Public Health Submission Title: New Multi-Season Measurements of Currents and Hydrography from Profiling Floats and Altimetry in the Amundsen Sea: Implications for Antarctic Shelf-Slope Exchange and Sea-Ice Thermodynamics Submission Title: Prolonged Decline of Jumbo Squid (Dosidicus gigas) Landings in the Gulf of California is Associated with Chronically low wind Stress and Decreased Chlorophyll a after El Niño 2009–2010Submission Title: Dating glacimarine sediments from the continental shelf in the Amundsen Sea using a multi-tool box: Implications for West Antarctic ice-sheet extent and retreat during the last glacial cycle Submission Title: Tides, Krill, Penguins, Oh My!

Results of the Gulf of Mexico Shipwreck Corrosion, Hydrocarbon Exposure, Microbiology, and Archaeology (GOM-SCHEMA) Project Submission Title: Ecological Forecasting of Vibrio sp. Development of Web based Tools and Forecasts to Help the Public Avoid Exposure to Vibrio vulnificus and Shell Fish Harvesters Avoid Dangerous Concentrations of Vibrio parahaemolyticus. : Scientists and Teachers Partner in Project CONVERGE to Bring Collaborative Antarctic Research, Authentic Data, and Scientific Inquiry into the Hands of NJ and NY Students Submission Title: Earth Cube’s Oceanography and Geobiology Environmental ‘Omics (ECOGEO) Research Coordination Network: A community focused on identifying technical challenges and developing plans for federated cyberinfrastructure that will enable ocean and geobiology environmental ‘omics research.

Submission Title: AN OVERVIEW OF A DECADE OF THE FLOO PROJECT (FLUXES LINKING THE OFFSHORE AND THE ONSHORE): ECOLOGICAL IMPLICATIONS OF THE INTERNAL TIDE ON THE MEXICAN COASTLINE IN TEMPERATE, SUBTROPICAL AND TROPICAL ECOSYSTEMSSubmission Title: Rates of total oxygen uptake of sediments and benthic nutrient fluxes measured by an in situ autonomous benthic chamber in the sediment of the slope off the southwestern part of Ulleung Basin, East Sea Submission Title: Anthropogenically Forced Changes in the Balance Between the Supply of and Demand for Organic Carbon in the Upper Ocean: Is the Estimation of Heterotrophic Organic Carbon Demand Biased?

to variations in Cobalt and Zinc: Identification of the High-Affinity Zinc Transporter and Potential for Use as a Biomarker Submission Title: Skeletal carbonate on the continental shelf: SEM evidence of early diagenetic alteration of the 1% of shells that persist for millennia in the mixed layer and thus enter the permanent record Submission Title: Earth Cube’s Oceanography and Geobiology Environmental ‘Omics (ECOGEO) Research Coordination Network: A community focused on identifying technical challenges and developing plans for federated cyberinfrastructure that will enable ocean and geobiology environmental ‘omics research.

Submission Title: Merging Ocean Color and physical Argo data to extend bio-optical properties to depth using neural networks: A global 3D view of phytoplankton biomass and phytoplankton communities composition Submission Title: Rapid Return of Nitrogen but not Phosphorus to Ecosystem Nutrition During Decomposition of Quagga Mussel Tissue in Sand, Mud, or Water During Oxic or Anoxic Incubation: Implications for Phytoplankton Bioenergetics.

Submission Title: Determining the Importance of Food Quality and Temperature on the Growth and Condition of Juvenile Southern Tanner crab (Chionoecetes bairdi) Using Complimentary Field and Laboratory Based Approaches. Vassallo1 (1) University of Genoa, DISTAV; Europa 26 16132 Genoa (2) MENKAB: il respiro del mare; Lungomare Matteotti 17100 Savona *[email protected] Title: Implementing Basin scale in-situ Ocean Observing Systems (OOS): Enhancing the efficiency and overall information content of integrated OOS for the Atlantic (EU project Atlant OS), the Southern Ocean (SOOS, OOI, SOCCOM), the Pacific (TPOS2020), the pan-Arctic (SAON) and the Indic (Ind OOS)Submission Title: Distinguishing Between the Atmospheric Response to the Variability of the Kuroshio and the Oyashio Extensions in the Cold Season and the Impact of the Main Extratropical and Tropical SST Modes, and Sea-Ice Concentration Changes Submission Title: Mass-size distributions of selected nutrient elements in aerosols and their air-to-sea fluxes to the Arctic Ocean: Preliminary results from the US GEOTRACES Arctic Cruise in summer 2015.

I cannabinoidi, come il CBD, si legano ai nostri recettori e stimolano risposte in diverse zone del corpo, favorendo diversi meccanismi neurologici benefici.

Alcune prove di laboratorio hanno confermato come il CBD agisca sul recettore CB1, generando effetti fisiologici diversi.

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