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At the age of 17 Sarah joined vocal group ‘Now and Then’ as a Backing singer.

She toured London and the South East, supporting acts such as Jimmy Joan's and Mick Reed.

Currently, she is working as part of a large collaborative research effort to study ground-nesting waterfowl at Grizzly Island Wildlife Area.

She is leading a portion of the study focused on quantifying survival and movements of mallard and gadwall ducklings, using VHF radio-telemetry.

Sarah Peterson is a Wildlife Biologist at the Dixon Field Station.

She is broadly interested in the ecology and movement of upper trophic level predators, with a focus on birds and mammals.

I was a member of the New Zealand Olympic Committee Women in Sport Group and have been the Manager of the Women's Junior Black Sticks and Black Sticks teams. , The 20th European Association for Sport Management [EASM] Conference: Sport between business and civil society Denmark: University of Northern Denmark (UCN) (in co-operation with the Danish Institue for Sports Studies Leberman, SI. Facilitating the transfer of learning: Participant perspectives. Drawing on my Ph D research which focussed on how to maximise the transfer of learning, I am always looking for ways to maximise the transfer of learning from the myriad of situations our students find themselves in.I am a Professor of Leadership, with a particular focus on women in sport and in academia.Prior to this, I was the Dean Academic for Massey University.You can book your first session with her now, by selecting ‘EVC first session’ below, then clicking next and completing the booking.Sarah is the Associate Director for Research & Education at the Medical Center Library & Archives.

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