Sam milby and piolo pascual dating

According to Manay Lolit's article in the , it all began when she got lost inside Sofitel, trying to find the location of the exhibit.Owing to misdirection and probably the unavailability of a venue map, she found herself entering Sofitel's poolside coffee shop at around four in the afternoon.So finally a couple of days ago I said na it's time for me to speak's also my responsibility para she's not left in the dark, para hindi siya nahihirapang sumagot."Among those rumored to have expressed interest in the Megadaughter are Azkals football player Phil Younghusband, actor Sam Milby, and ap, the Filipino member of American hip hop group Black Eyed Peas.As for Shaina Magdayao, Sam said that they are also friends, but admitted to courting her at some point.Someone told Manay Lolit that Sam and Piolo frequented the Sofitel poolside coffee shop since the place usually doesn't have many visitors.According to Manay Lolit, she wouldn't have noticed the two if it weren't for their obviously hasty retreat.The two men, upon hearing Manay Lolit's name, hastily left as Manay Lolit nearly tripped trying to get a closer look.Her curiosity rewarded her as she found who the two men were: It was Sam Milby and Piolo Pascual.

She also mentioned that she saw the two seemingly whispering to each other.She noticed that the two men looked sweet to each other, exchanging whispers, their cheeks nearly touching.As Manay Lolit approached, waiters who saw her called out her name, apparently wanting to get an autograph.Realizing that she was in the wrong place, she started looking for another entrance or exit, walking and looking left and right.Two men caught Manay Lolit's attention as she sauntered over.

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