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Welcome to the Boating Lovers Dating Site and singles community for those who have a passion for the open water. What we mean by that is we are a community of single men and women who love boating.

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Went out with some crazy guy that was also a novice and he let go of the wheel and said " Take over, I don't feel like doing this! It’s a way of sharing and tossing thoughts around with other singles who share your love of sailing. · The format includes a series of Qualifying Round Robin(s), Semi-Finals and a Finals Series.· Competitors must be members of US Sailing at the time of registration and competition.just beautiful sunrises and sunset views all the time (depending on the weather and location), travel to destinations that no car or plane can get to. For the time I wanted, wanted to have some quiet time! But let’s not give up our passion for a little passion ... You get to see places you would never otherwise see unless you sailed. But in spite of all of that it would be the icing on the cake to have a compatible partner to sail with!

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