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Implemented height of the group panel to be set at design time.

Changing the columns' Data Type also changes the way the column is sorted.

Telerik UI for Win Forms includes more than 90 user interface controls you can use to fulfill the most demanding desktop or tablet application requirements.

All-way customizable Grid View, Form, Chart, Scheduler, Rich Text Box and other essential controls enable you to build any Line of Business or Modern application in less time while staying under budget.

Besides design time customization of the layout, it also allows the end user to customize the layout of the controls in it at runtime and it allows you to store and later reuse previously stored layout.

The control features variety of items to serve different purposes.

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Excel like filtering does not select dates in the Calendar, when During last 7 day or Yesterday are checked.Rad Diagram NEW Ability to show text for the Rad Diagram Connection (Connection labels). When the form is started maximized the underlying anchored control bounds are incorrect.Rad Gantt View FIXED The start/end of the summary task is automatically changed when the control is bound. Multi-page PDF exporting functionality vie Grid View Pdf Export. Filtering operations when custom Type Converters are used.Current row changes even when canceling the Row Validating event. Index is incorrect (always -1) when the row is added in Begin Update/End Update block.Custom Group Comparer does not affect the groups order when Self-referencing hierarchy is used. Expand method does not expand the group when Self-referencing hierarchy is used.

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