Ronaldo dating student

He has guest appeared in 2013 football movie, Golden Shoes.

He trains himself for about 3 to 5 hours for 5 days in a week.

He believes that a smaller size boot will prevent his foot movement within the boot when he is running.

Ronaldo has endorsed various brands like Nike (2005), Extra Joss (2005), Suzuki (2005), Coca Cola (2006), Fifa Street (2006), Fuji Xerox (2006), Castrol, Watch brand Jacob & Co (2013), Emporio Armani, KFC Arabia (2013), etc.

"People arrive in our lives for some reason and to show us something, and you showed me how to love. Romario - who claims to have scored over 1,000 goals in his career - won trophies with PSV and Barcelona in Europe, and was named as the Fifa World Player of the Year in 1994 after helping Brazil win the World Cup.

He said: "I’m 100 percent unfaithful, I define myself as an excellent womaniser and in the prime of my promiscuity I managed to sleep with three different women in the same day.” Romario ran for Governor of Rio de Janeiro for the Podemos party in March 2018, where he finished in fourth place.

The Manchester United soccer star, 24, drives the student home to her halls in his Bentley Continental after nights out, according to .

The pair apparently met when she was working as a promotions girl in a nightclub.

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Ronaldo may have all the money and status, but he'd be lucky to land a girl like Liv.He was expelled from school for throwing a chair at the teacher.He was not good among the teachers, but with the students.Nazario - who is believed to have been dating Romario since May - uploaded a picture of the pair to her 21,000 Instagram followers.Captioning the snap, she said: "Love, nothing in this life happens by chance, there is always a motive, a reason why. ” The brunette beauty is reportedly a student of business from the city of Florianopolis in the southern Brazilian state of Santa Catarina.

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