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If your really worried about your primary server going down for some reason, then, I would recommend setting up a second Domain Controller that runs DNS to use as a secondary DNS server.

It is very useful for e-mail verifications B2B and troubleshooting.

I deleted all DHCP leases and tried restartig the DHCP services on the client side but still not updating. Have you check secure dynamic update in all the zone. X network] Also have you tried clearing the dns cache, clearing the controller cache (ipconfig /flushdns), reregistering the controller (ipconfig /registerdns), reconciling stale records and reloading the server datafiles???

Did you create the subnet under reverse lookup zone the client & server belongs too, if no, the ptr record will not be created as subnet is missing for the client to register its ptr records. -saige- As you can see, I do have the subnet set up correctly for 192.168.0. I have also flushed DNS several times on server and workstations.

As article applies to windows 2003,hotfix is not applicable but reg setting can be done on windows 2008 R2 to resolve the issue. scid=kb; EN-US;837061 Do you have the following set: Enabled DNS dynamic updates according to the settings below: [X] Always dynamically update DNS A and PTR records [X] Discard A and PTR records when lease is deleted [X] Dynamically updates DNS A and PTR records for DHCP clients that do not request updates... You will see one recored called "Chair1.domain.local". In the DHCP console when you connect to your DHCP server on the bottom of the scope list you should have a folder called "server options" click on that and you should see your server options listed.

A record maps domain name to an IP address, PTR maps an IP address to a hostname. For example, A record of can point to IP address, while can be mapped to a totally different hostname. This record adds reliability for sending server and allows receiving end to check the hostname of an IP address.In the network, all the available IPs will be from to, and the reverse DNS zone will have this format 1.168.192.Now in this reverse zone, we can add PTR records that match each IP from the network.You just add a new record; this will be for the first IP Type: PTR Host: 1 Points to: hostname1.The PTR records will look like this in the Control Panel: Host: Type: Points to: TTL hostname1.1 Hour Then, make sure that there is a matching A record. For more information on how to create PTR record including a video tutorial, visit this page.The last step is to change the name servers of your reverse zone at your IP provider or ask them to do it.A configured NS records at the IP provider must point to the name servers listed in your Control Panel.

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