Ray rogers shroud of turin carbon dating

Just as important as the Shroud of Turin and intricately connected with the Shroud its surprising that the Ovideo cloth, or ‘Sudarium’, has had such little media coverage, and is far less well known.

The first person to theorize that the Shroud markings indicate that Jesus Christ survived the crucifixion was a Catholic man named Kurt Berna.We know, two thousand years later, that to be imputrescible a body needs blood circulation…And this is exactly the important scientific fact proved by the Holy Shroud: the body was imputrescible in the tomb—the scientific proof, in fact, for the Resurrection of Jesus Christ with flesh and bones, as Jesus said in Luke …”.In a recent TV documentary Barrie Schwortz noted: “Amazingly when we look at the UV florescence photography of that area; the area where the samples were taken is dramatically different to the rest of the Shroud of Turin.“ Implications The implications for this are huge.The single biggest obstacle for the scientific community in taking the Shroud of Turin seriously was the carbon 14 dating result of 1988. Ray Rogers [1927-2005] Ray Rogers sadly passed away on March 8th 2005 after a long illness.

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