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(He even did a Christmas special “with” Bill Cosby.) His clever musical parodies and hilariously stinging dialogue reflect all that’s good and hideous about society. “I automatically gravitated toward the hot button issues — what was on everyone’s Facebook feed and what people were talking about on Twitter.” And then came President Trump.

“When the shit hit the fan in 2016, there was no choice for me,” Rainbow says. I’ve always enjoyed the most absurd and irreverent comedy.

I’ve developed a more a political voice.” It’s this voice and talent that Rainbow will bring to Palm Springs Nov. Randy Rainbow Live will be presented at the Palm Springs Cultural Center as part of the Outlandish performance series.

Though initially only two dates were planned, they quickly sold out and a third show was added, which also sold out.

Randy Rainbow, the so-called “internet sensation” and self-described “show queen,” has become so well-known for his zinging, homemade Broadway parodies of the Trump Administration—the latest is aimed at Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh—that he now has a bestselling live tour booked all over the country. He’s not even that political but he found in Trump a way to exorcise a lot of the dark feelings he felt for his late father.“Trump fucking infuriates me,” says Rainbow, 37, who grew up in South Florida but now lives in a two-bedroom apartment in Astoria, Queens. A crime at which our president’s a pro,” Rainbow sings in “Kavanaugh!

Even my father couldn’t stand watching him because I think Trump reminded him of himself.”For the past two years, Rainbow has been dropping his increasingly popular You Tube videos skewering Trump, members of his administration, family and friends as stealthily as Ronan Farrow discharges his bombshells.“Now he’s accused of sexual misconduct.

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Since then, Rainbow has become an internet sensation, creating uproarious videos depicting him “interacting” with celebrities like Robert Downey Jr., John Travolta, and Barbra Streisand.“And I try to make myself the butt of the joke,” he continues.“As much as I make fun of Donald Trump or Kellyanne Conway, I also poke fun at myself.” set to the tune of “Camelot.” “And though some say ‘pshaw,’ some find it, well, a flaw.Still, privileged old white assholes can’t say no to Kavanaugh.” His “Randy Rainbow is Dating Mel Gibson,” which used actual audio from Gibson’s notorious racist and misogynist taped rants to an ex-girlfriend, racked up You Tube views in 2010 and was followed shortly thereafter by “Mel Gibson and Randy Rainbow Seek Counseling.”But his career—and a social-media following that includes everyone from Debra Messing and Kristen Chenoweth to Stephen Sondheim, Andrew Lloyd Webber and Rosie O’Donnell—really took off during the 2016 presidential election He’s now made enough money off his lucrative touring schedule to afford a bigger place but he still does everything himself.

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