Radgrid needdatasource not updating

Analysis: I went in to a call with the customer and took a look at their code.

Let me list them down: Now, next thing I did was to take look at the timing.

When handling the On Update Command event on a Rad Grid the Data Item is null.

I thought that this would also represent the data item being represented by the row.

You need a full blown SQL server to get the profiler.

Notice that if we just set Allow Paging=true on Rad Grid and do not provide a page size, by default Rad Grid puts 10 as the Page Size.

But I am able to do it successfully using the Gridview control...

Through this blog post I will try to outline what I found out and what could have been done better to resolve the problem.

I'm using a single SQL Server 2000 table to fetch the results... Generic Module Module2 Dim DB As New North Winddatacontext() Sub main() Dim Update Name = (From p In DB. For advanced features such as Grouping, Sorting, Paging, Rad Grid must be bound using declarative data sources or through the Need Data Source event.The Radgrid is populated from an IList and in the handler the code looks like this...protected void rg Allocated Clients_Update Command(object sender, Grid Command Event Args e) { if (e. Item as Grid Data Item; var client= grid Data Item .

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