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I spent some time reflecting lately about it and it boiled down to just a simple and organic interaction I had with this pretty girl I had met while I was doing work at the local Starbucks the other day.

It started with a simple friendly conversation about what we were drinking, to our work, and eventually it drifted towards the topic of online dating.

So, below are tips to continue Dating-and avoid gaming: 7 Ways to Stay in the Dating Game: 1: Recognize. Meeting someone new, in a new method, will add excitement and entice you to start over. When you start dating again, don’t expect not to experience what you experienced before. But instead of red flagging the certain behavior, approach the behavior differently. Voice the reason to your partner as why you’re taking it slow, or why you’re a bit more vigilant. However, being tired of the dating game is normal, and it’s important to realize that taking a break from dating is recommended.

The first thing you must recognize is that you are tired of the game. Ask more questions; don’t just push the person away. Stay in the dating game, by stepping out of the dating game, or taking a new approach to dating all together.

But, even after a few years of experimenting with it, I’ve decided to take a hiatus from all online dating platforms ranging from Tinder all the way to (just kidding, however I did experiment with this too at one point).

So why exactly am I quitting online dating even though I had just talked about and mentioned all the positive things about it.

It’s also not meant to take out any frustrations or a lack of success on online dating for that matter as I’ve had plenty of successes and failures on online dating platforms.

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My former students too from varying walks of life have had successes in finding love on all the various online dating platforms from all the way to JSwipe.

So I challenge you to take a tech fast and put yourself out there for the summer.

Yes, I challenge you to quit the online dating game and get out there, create new experiences, and meet new people.

It was pretty interesting seeing her perspective on the idea of finding love through the digital world.

While at first she was curious and just wanted to meet someone after coming off a long two year relationship, she simply just found it all together overwhelming and not real at all as every guy she would swipe on would be an immediate match and she would be bombarded with too many matches and messages ranging from your standard “hey”, to your cheesy pickup line, to something really forward like how big her knockers were and why she should consider going out with him because of x,y, & z.

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