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If you are dating a Punjabi girl then consider yourself lucky and if you are not doing then definitely find a Punjabi kudi for you.

Punjabi girls are known for their beauty and boldness and they make for a perfect girlfriend, wife or a life partner.

girls are a tad fairer than guys in India because guys will work in sun and tan; not so much with gals).

This is specially true with Punjabis and more northern people. Look again at how that dude is gripping you on your shoulders.

Details: How early before the marriage did your wife introduce you to her family? Do you ever feel guilty that her father left the family because of the marriage?

I come from an Indian family, my mom's Sikh and my dad's Hindu, so they had familial conflicts also.

Attempting to talk/dance with an Indian girl when she is within an area code of a male Indian friend results in death stares, "Come at me Bro's", and if they are drunk enough, some fists being thrown.Yes yes, we all know that love is blind and that matches are made in heaven, blah blah – but what you cannot deny is that some societies and sects simply have the most date-able women! I offered some direct support to the OP from this thread: Reddit/comments/gp5l0/im_dating_an_indian_girl_and_her_dad_wants_to/I get asked a lot of questions about being married into a fairly strict Sikh family so wanted to open up the floor to Reddit.They're just supposed to find a suitable boy and settle down.I had two things working in my favour - my wife was pushing 30 when we got married and that's considered "over the hill" in Punjabi families so they were pretty desperate to get her married off.

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