Princeton dating

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Because Prospect automatically includes all undergraduates’ names, majors, residential colleges, and prox headshots, some students are hesitant about the new app.

“I think that this app represents a breach of our privacy, given the fact that they’re using my information and face without my permission,“ said Noah Schochet ‘21.

“I wouldn’t use it probably, but I’m sure it will be relatively popular.” Excluding privacy concerns, a few other Princeton students, such as Einspahr, believed the very idea of a Princeton dating app seems out of place and unnecessary.

“I’m sure some people on campus will be interested, but it strikes me as so weird,” said Einsphar.

All undergraduates already have profiles on the app, consisting of their University prox headshot and a blank bio.

No non-Princeton undergraduate could ever see that information, and they’re seeing less information than they could on the residential college Facebooks,” said Boroughs.

“It’s not giving people more information than has already been given.” Some interviewed students felt their peers’ privacy concerns were somewhat redundant.

“The res college really isn’t a good marker of personality, which is what I feel most dating apps filter for.

I will admit it’s a unique idea.” Boroughs remarked that while he did not believe the filters would be used extensively, he did want the option there for those who may want to find someone with similar classes or a similar major.

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