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We’d even go as far as to say that it’s a blessing that the Soviet Union swallowed up so many countries during its rule, and bestowed upon them such traditional values, care for self-appearance and strong love for arts, history, and country.

Now – there’s a lot of quality to be had in these countries, but like all places, they’re certainly not all made the same.

Islam has a strong presence in Azerbaijan, and most Azeri women dress and act very conservative while in public – nonetheless, you can expect them to act way different once you have them behind closed doors.

With similar appearances and features to what you’d find in Turkey and other Middle Eastern countries, expect olive-toned skin with long, dark hair draped over their shoulders.

The women of Eastern Europe and The Former Soviet Union are in a league of their own when it comes to both beauty and femininity.

Although subjective, we would argue that no other women on the planet can compare when it comes to the raw talent you’ll find on the ground in the majority of these countries.

With that in mind, Russian skills are going to take you a long way in both Almaty, Astana and other Kazakh cities.

The majority of women come from mid to smaller sized cities for a better chance at making better money than in their places of birth.

Although salaries are higher in Moscow, they’re still not great, especially for women.

For this reason, a lot of women would like to make it out of the country, to travel or relocate for the longer-term and this is something you must keep in mind during the dating process.

Moscow comes with its own challenges, mostly being that English penetration levels are some of the lowest from any of the cities on this list.

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