Phpfox dating script

Thus, when you login as a Page, you cannot access any site content and you lose the main menu.This is absurd because you're then not able to use a variety of apps, either the core ones or the third-party apps.Then you may like to visit those items again or share them with your friends now.You may have many difficulties when looking for them due to many similar items on your social network.Besides other things, Pages are normally used for any kind of collective entities with legal personalities (companies, organisations, political parties, etc.).

This happens every time and in no way is the new member registered. I installed phpfox and more than 1000 registered in a day. How can I remove them and their content (images/posts/feeds/etc...)? hi phpfox team i try to ask here again my wish it is possible to separate all mail templates from languege pack like in the V3 at moment is very difficoult to found email that user become from the system thanks in advanced Hi, It is not clear to me why Phpfox designers decided not to allow Pages/Groups (or basically any other entity other than individual user) to interact in that capacity as a Page/Group.Many apps and popular websites have adopted this method of browse filtering and it works for them. Simply put there should be a basic browse filter for non-paying free members, and a customizable advanced browse filter for paying subscribers where the admin can select whichever custom fields they want to be available as additional filters.Both should be visible, this way non-subscribers will be enticed into subscribing because they will see the advanced filter and want the privilege to use it.Hello everyone, I've created two user groups and want friend requests to be sent only across user groups but not within a user group.For instance, users in User group A can only send and receive friend requests from users in user Group B but not others who are also in user group A. Is it possible to have the "saved items collections" appear public and private like all the other core apps, where the user can have the option to show their saved items on their profile and have the option to make it private?

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