Pentecostal rules of dating

Gorgeous hair, perfect skin, beautiful eyes, naturally straight teeth, wonderful bone structure, fabulous figure, effortless sense of's disgusting, I tell you.) I've been to church with them a few times, and clothing and hairdressing issues aside, they look remarkably like any other congregation I've ever seen.

Some short, some tall, some fat, some thin, some pretty, some not-so-pretty, some stylish, some frumpy. I think the issue is partly one of selective perception.

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I started this thread to find out why they all seem to weigh upwards of 300 pounds.

Almost all of them are big, built like barns, and extremely homely (and I don't just mean lack of makeup and jewelry-I mean flat out unattractive.) I know this is a generalization....but, errr, not really.

Anyone who sees these people on a regular basis as I do will know what I mean about the appearance.

So: Is there some kind of Pentecostal diet that consists of a lot of extremely fattening foods, causing all the women to have this build? First, Pentecostals (of the type you describe) do not have much in the way of recreation except for going to church ... Many still obey the no TV rule, definitely no movies (though some went to see the Passion movie), and under no circumstances, dancing.

Are there genes in the Pentecostal families that are widely shared and that result in the homely looks and the large, rotund bodies? No swimming, unless it's in a (gender) segregated venue.

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