Pb 210 dating laboratory

Ages are given as eruption windows (black bars), which represent unavoidable uncertainty in the extent of initial Po degassing. Po is completely degassed upon eruption at subaerial and shallow submarine volcanoes (see review by Rubin, 1997).We are not certain this occurs at oceanic depths of 2-3 km, so we report an eruption window based on a conservative minimum degassing estimate and 100% degassing.We will keep you posted of developments as they become available.If you are a new client, please read on for more information regarding the 210Pb dating services.

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We specialize in the analysis and interpretation of sediment accumulation rates and the age of sediment stratigraphies.

The laboratory can provide advice on sample selection, full sample pretreatment and graphite target preparation, stable isotope measurement, C analysis at the SUERC AMS Laboratory and subsequent calibration of results to the calendar timescale.

If requested, the laboratory's chronological modelling team can additionally create a Bayesian site-model.

We developed this dating method back in 1991 after divers in the manned submersible Alvin appeared on the scene soon after a submarine eruption at 9° 50'N on the East Pacific Rise (EPR), to determine when the eruption had occured.

Pb dating results from 3 eruptions on the EPR and Gorda Ridges.

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