Partners hollywood dating films

Click To Watch Here Paul Rudd is Rashida Jones’ quirky, sensitive fiancé who, in an attempt to find some groomsmen, accidentally makes out with another dude and comes home smelling like an ashtray.

It’s more common than ever to see two people holding hands on the street who are ethnically different.

Will Smith and Eva Mendes are totally adorable in this romcom about a guy whose career is to help men find companionship through a foolproof formula but — surprise!

— learns that there’s a lot more to love than a set of rules.

(Don't worry — there's a happy ending.)Click To Watch Here OK, so this film didn’t exactly receive high critical acclaim (in fact, it was nominated for Worst Movie in 1992), but dysfunctional stuff aside, the passionate relationship between the characters of Whitney Houston and Kevin Costner never fails to elicit emotion.

I just thought they’d stayed together after he took a bullet for her.

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