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It also offered online email, contacts and calendar, online photo galleries, syncing of Web bookmarks and 20 gigabytes of online storage.

The main idea was to replicate for consumers the kind of seamless, over-the-air email, plus contact and calendar updating, available to corporate users via systems like Microsoft’s (MSFT) Exchange.

I added a new phone number to a contact on my i Phone and, a minute or two later, it was added to that contact in Outlook, in the Mac’s Address Book program and in the Web-based Mobile Me address book.

I then changed the contact again in Outlook, and again in the Web-based address book, and the changes appeared everywhere else. None of this required cables (though, for Windows computers, you must first download and install a Mobile Me control panel that runs in the background).

I can sync contacts I load on my phone to Outlook, however when I enter new contacts into Outlook those contacts do not sync to my phone.

Why do my new contacts created in Outlook not sync?

The company says that if you are using Mobile Me solely on Windows PCs, with or without an i Phone, the Outlook problem shouldn’t appear in most cases. While the Web version of Mobile Me works fine on Windows in the Firefox Web browser, or with the Windows version of Apple’s Safari browser, Apple warns that it might not work properly in Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 7.

In my new tests, Mobile Me’s email was prompt and reliable.

In both versions of IE, my tests showed that another Mobile Me feature, bookmark syncing, didn’t work as advertised. For example, you can upload photos and videos to your Mobile Me galleries directly from Apple’s i Photo and i Movie programs.

Some bookmarks didn’t appear at all; others were listed alphabetically instead of in their original order. On Windows, you have to upload these using the Mobile Me Web site. If you have a mixed group of Macs and PCs, and your Mac’s calendar isn’t named Calendar, its information won’t sync with the main calendar in Outlook.

The main reason for this is that, as I noted last year, its synced calendars and contacts show up in an odd manner in Microsoft Outlook, the most popular calendar and contact program in Windows.

Apple acknowledges the Outlook problems, which show up only in a mixed environment of Macs and Windows PCs, and pledges they will be fixed by the fall.

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