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They also operate an underground network of operatives as they currently believe that either the Gardenarians or Alexandrians might have been behind the plot to kill their deity...

This is the most beautiful and the most authentic of all the Wiccan traditions.Its members are like that kid that graduates High School but still keeps showing up just to hang out until eventually the school cop bans him from the property. Jewitches are shunned by Wiccans as an abomination. They believe that the plants and animals all have that energy-vibey stuff. Oh, and they do rituals and celebrate the sacredness for the seasons.Jewish leaders have commented that Jewitches are quite simply, not kosher. However they DO NOT BELIEVE IN GOD(s) so they are ATHEIST!They gather around a priestess or priest with cups of wine or grape juice and pretend to drink human blood. When the magic words are spoken, some Wiccans believe the drink actually becomes the blood of a lesser god who lived 2000 years ago.The Meat Ritual is similar and often performed along with the Blood Ritual.

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