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As of 2008, Texas had 156,588 producing oil wells, and 96,502 producing gas wells.In 2006, Texas produced 18.2% of the crude oil in the United States, and nearly 30% of the natural gas production. Experts claim that the Barnett Shale is the largest onshore natural gas field in the United States.The field name for the productive portion of the Barnett Shale formation has been designated as the Newark, East Field by the Texas Railroad Commission.Those looking for jobs will find the Texas workforce consists of thousands of oilfield rig mechanics, welders, roughnecks, roustabouts, drillers, truck drivers, wireline operators, electricians, seismologists, petroleum engineers, geologists, and dozens more oil & gas jobs in the Texas oilfields.Tyler is positioned in a lucrative energy drilling and production area, and is located between the Barnett Shale and the Haynesville - Bossier Shale natural gas plays. Resources, XTO Energy, Weatherford International, East Texas Oil & Gas, Tyler Oil & Gas Co., Carr Resources, Mewbourne Oil Company, Land Trac, Navidad Resources, and hundreds of other small, and large, corporations.

Texas has more than 24 billion tons of lignite coal that can be recovered through strip mining technology.So our interest in this industry has been strong, and remains so, and we have a keen interest in the history of oil and gas in Tyler and all of East Texas, and the future of energy exploration, drilling, production, and pipelines. The discoveries and production of oil have led to the creation of many Texas towns, and to the organization of companies which have become national and international players in the oil industry.The history of oil and gas exploration in Texas is a long one, dating from the first major discovery at Corsicana in 1894. 1 well blew at Spindletop near Beaumont in 1901 and the industry took another huge step forward in becoming a dominant feature in the Texas economy and lifestyle. 3 well blew in Rusk County close to Joinerville and Turnertown, opening the East Texas Oil Field. Those with interests in oil & gas history should also visit the Gaston Museum in Joinerville, close to the Daisy Bradford No. When traveling in West Texas, be sure to see the Permian Basin Museum in Midland.The State's signature crude oil type, West Texas Intermediate (WTI), remains the major benchmark of crude oil in the Americas.The oil industry in Texas remains a vital element in our nation's energy exploration and production.

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