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There are too many to list here but here are some of the more common hard-luck sop stories: You are given a 'free' gift like a cheap bead necklace which is used as an avenue to lure you into deeper conversation & 'friendship'.

This trickster may be a patient kind of guy & will elicit your cash another day.

After he wheedles a few hundred dalasi notes out of you and enters the shop to pick out his bag, he leaves you standing on the corner while he escapes out the back door with the cash.

The above are just a few of the very many examples of the frauds perpetrated on tourists and longer stay visitors to Gambia.

He then asks for money to buy bags of rice for the children.

This is a common confidence trick where the 'seller' shows you a (doctored) photocopy of 'his title' to the land and attempts to 'sell' it to you.

You later find out he does not even own the property.

The more sophisticated tricksters will work in collaboration with someone else who will inform you that your 'friend' is in some sort or 'terrible demise' and your cash is required to solve the 'problem'.

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