Oliver kahn intimidating my computer keeps updating shut down

He never quite made it into the international youth team, but his ability was quickly noticed once he had broken through into the Bundesliga in 1990, aged 21.Three seasons of sustained excellence with Karlsruhe brought him senior international recognition in 1993, when he was included in the German squad for the first time.On more than one occasion the men in front of Kahn have been rescued by their captain's extraordinary ability to keep certain goals out of his net.South Korea's Lee Chun-Soo and the United States' Landon Donovan and Eddie Lewis would vouch for that.At 6ft 3in and nearly 14st, he must loom large in the vision of any striker bearing down on goal.Those fearsomely craggy Teutonic features and that mad glint in the eye do not exactly encourage opponents to take liberties with him, either.Even on the one occasion he was beaten, by the Republic of Ireland's Robbie Keane in the first round, the ball needed to take a deflection off the inside of a post."He is absolutely for me the best goalkeeper in the world," said Franz Beckenbauer, the legendary former captain and coach of Germany, of Kahn last week in response to a claim by former Brazil coach Carlos Alberto Parreira that the Germans would be unable to resist the three Rs.

Oliver Kahn, with his old-fashioned physicality fused with modern athleticism, enjoyed a 21-year career, achieving unparalleled success.

He is rightly recognised as one of the greatest ‘keepers to ever don the gloves.

After a quick You Tube search, I soon realised that Kahn is just as well known for his aggressive and dominating style of play, as he is his breath taking saves.

You imagine that, as with Schmeichel, his team-mates will wince at the lash of his tongue should they do something wrong.

That is because he puts every part of his being into his own game and he cares deeply about winning and losing. Hard work, perseverance and patience have been required throughout Kahn's career, beginning at his local club, Karlsruhe, whom he joined in 1976 at the tender age of seven.

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