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Downsides Not being allowed to search for matches on your own means that you may have to wait a while (weeks or even months) before viewing a profile that sparks your interest. Visit our e Harmony promo page for the latest coupons.

Who It Works Best For This site is loved by singles who are willing to pay to arrange quality romantic encounters, whether they are casual or a serenade to commitment, and who want full control of their dating choices.

The new custom quiz feature and optional social events make it even easier to break the ice with a promising profile. If you pay for six months in advance (0) and don't find love, your next six months are free.

(Be sure to pay attention to the fine print as will automatically renew your subscription and charge your credit card, even after you've found love.

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It also allows users to search for matches on their own, email, chat, and even get set up on blind dates for free.Although more expensive than many of its competitors, e Harmony's computerized matchmaking service far undercuts the price of personal matchmaking services.The e Harmony site also has thousands of testimonials to prove the methods work.The best services offer many easy ways to narrow your options so that only the most compatible, crush-worthy candidates are presented for your perusal.Stigmas against online dating have pretty much faded away, and many of those who are successful in finding their mates online are willing to brag about it. marriages are now said to be the result of online dating, and e Harmony claims credit for one-fourth of those relationships.

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