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I was happy to see the resort had some security measures in place and that made me feel a little more comfortable. We both changed into our bikinis, deciding to check out the pool area, which I quickly leaned was the main attraction at the resort.Stepping into the pool area, it seemed like any other pool area and I wasn’t aware that half the people were totally naked until I sat down in one of the chase lounge chairs and scanned the crowd.

”I could see the blood vessels pulsating in George’s cock as it hung limply between his legs. He had a great looking well-toned body, the result, I was sure of a lot of hard work and exercise.“Actually,” George replied, “I am a Greek God and there’s little work that I have to do.”Modesty was not one of George’s strong suits.“You’ve got the body of a Greek Goddess,” George remarked as he sat in front of me, sipping on a beer.I unabashedly loved sex and was sexually over-charged, which means I would give in to any guy who pressed me hard enough to go to bed with him. Jeff was a nice guy and at first, I wasn’t really attracted to him, but there was something special about spending time with Jeff.Most of my friends could very easily make me giggle, but Jeff made me actually laugh-out-loud, with his goofiness and self-depreciating humor. We had gone to college together and by pure accident, developed a rather intimate relationship, even though as a young woman, I preferred guys to girls.Sarah always made me feel special, like I was a queen, deserving of attention, where the guys usually saw me simply as a sexual conquest.

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