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These include Mambiloid, Ekoid, Bendi, Beboid, Grassfields and Tivoid languages.The geographic distribution of Nigeria's Niger-Congo languages is not limited to the middle east and south-central Nigeria, as migration allows their spread to the linguistically Afro-Asiatic northern regions of Nigeria, as well as throughout West Africa and abroad.Look through the listings of Female singles that have joined F*ckbook Nigeria that are associated with Cuckold.

Apart from these, there are numerous Bantoid languages, which are the languages immediately ancestral to Bantu.

Nigeria also has several as-yet unclassified languages, such as Centúúm, which may represent a relic of an even greater diversity prior to the spread of the current language families.

Niger–Congo predominates in the Central, East and Southern areas of Nigeria; the main branches represented in Nigeria are Mande, Atlantic, Gur, Kwa, Benue–Congo and Adamawa–Ubangi.

As reported in 2003, Nigerian English and Nigerian Pidgin were spoken as a second language by 60 million people in Nigeria..

The major native languages, in terms of population, are Hausa (about 40 million), Igbo (over 40 million, including L2), Yoruba (over 40 million), Fulfulde (5 million), Ibibio (10 million), Kanuri (8 million), Tiv (4 million), and approx.

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