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He isn't registered as resident in any one place, and in the United States, where he still spends most of his time, he has been classified as homeless for years.He took his second step into a different kind of life two years ago.Several of Eastwood's children shared photos on social media from the premiere, including Morgan, who posted a photo of herself and her siblings, writing, "SO RARE for all 8 Eastwood siblings to be in one room!!!Billionaire Nicolas Berggruen, the owner of Germany's Karstadt chain of department stores, makes do without a home and has no personal attachments. He wants to make democracy work, and to create a better world.He looks me in the eye, without blinking or smiling. On this afternoon, the man who wants to help the world looks like he just rolled out of bed.

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A holding company bearing his name had already existed for a long time, and it had made him an incredibly wealthy man.

Now he wanted the institute to make him happy and satisfied -- and to do the same thing for the rest of the world.

It is quite common for the superrich to donate their wealth to good causes. And then he explains what he achieved in California. Saving California Last year, his institute created the Think Long Committee for California, which could just as easily be dubbed the Committee to Save California.

In 2000, he sold all of his private houses and condominiums, including an apartment on Central Park in New York and his estate on a private island off the Florida coast.

He shed material possessions after realizing that they hadn't made him happy. He has lived in hotel suites around the world since then.

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