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During the journey to recover people may need support as they can become isolated and their confidence shattered.

Carolyn Sansom, Chair ____________________________________________________________________________ To view the new Summer Recovery College please click here Timetable Autumn 2019 Please click to read our Newsletter Summer Newsletter 2019 Mission Statement “New Horizons projects the positive image of people suffering mental health problems through challenging discrimination by means of education, outreach work, information and support services”.

The courses aim to support people to achieve their goals and ambitions.

Students are able to choose their own courses, work out ways of making sense of (and to find meaning in) what has happened and become experts in managing their own lives.

Essex-based global technology firm, Teledyne e2v, have provided NASA’s New Horizons mission with two specialist image sensors that have captured images of Ultima Thule, 6.5 billion km from Earth.

The event set the record for the most distant ever visit to a Solar System body (Kuiper Belt).

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