Naked date pics

After Hannah had a very sexy one-on-one with Peter the Pilot, Jed suddenly couldn't take it anymore.

Then the Luke drama unfolded over that naked bungee jumping, but Garrett kept his cool as best he could in the face of a man who was Ohhhh Jed. Off screen..appears he was perhaps even worse than Scott, the guy who Hannah dramatically threw out in the premiere for having a girlfriend.

"I have had sex and honestly, Jesus still loves me" cannot come soon enough!

And in Jed news, if what we saw in tonight's episode had aired last week, we would have thought very differently about it. But in light of the news that he allegedly had a girlfriend right up until the moment he got on the plane to be on the show, we're really struggling with Jed in general.

Hannah didn't say much in response to this at the time, but it turned out she was just processing what had been said to her.

Later, she asked to talk to Luke privately and confronted him about this incredibly disrespectful conversation, stating his words back to him and telling him how badly he handled that, and he tried to claim every single one of them was taken out of context. Anyway, even as we wrote earlier that we should give Hannah a break for keeping this guy around (just because she's got an inexplicable attraction she's got to work through before she can move on from him), the fact that Luke then got a rose was once again baffling.

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