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You could say that Islamic clothing is the same thing as Muslim clothing, which is clothing worn by people of the Islamic faith, also called Muslims. Being a company that sells Islamic clothing for women, men and kids, we get asked such questions a lot.But is all clothing worn by Muslims, Islamic clothing? So we decided to take a journey and explore the Islamic clothing world, to shed some light on the matter.And considering that over 80% of Muslims don’t even live in the Arab world, long flowing caftans and turbans are not necessarily representative of modern Islamic attire, and usually describe just the Islamic clothing of a small subset of the Muslim population.So what are the common threads and guidelines you might ask?And not surprisingly, we also see that many Muslim women show the most ingenuity and creativity in how they mix-n-match and combine pieces they find in mainstream stores, together with especially designed pieces of Islamic wear, into outfits that are modest, beautifully delightful, and say Islamic fashion loud and clear.A really good place to see all the different variations and interpretations of Islamic attire, Muslim fashion and Islamic clothing for women, men and kids is at the Eid prayers every year.It must not show too much skin (especially for women, but also for men), have a modest neckline and long sleeves (for women) and according to most scholars, should include hair covering for women.

That’s an interesting question, and one that has many different answers, depending on who you ask.

Islamic clothing for women can be something as simple as a long caftan dress, a long tunic top, a jelbab, or a long button down shirt with an ankle length long skirt and a headscarf, also called a hijab in Arabic.

In fact Islamic clothing for women can be just about any kind of modest dress, which becomes Islamic attire, when it covers the body according to Islamic clothing guidelines and rules of modesty.

Although Islam began in Arabia, by 2002 80% of all Muslims lived outside the Arab world.

When you ask people not of the Muslim faith the question: ‘What is Islamic clothing?

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