Mrtg log file not updating problems about carbon dating

So I wrote a quick hack which created a constantly updated graph on the web that showed the traffic load on our Internet link.This eventually evolved into a rather configurable Perl script called development had begun I started to give beta copies to interested parties.

However, for ensim and plesk servers, another Apache service can be damaging as they have their own Apache for accessing Control Panel and there may be conflicts. a) go into c:\mrtg and edit install.batb) edit the line that says c:\mrtg\bin\instsrv Apache c:\mrtg\bin\srvany.exec) remove the lines which mention Apache, leave the rest as it is.d) Copy the crontab file from c:\mrtg\bin to c:\windows\system32\ folder (this is win2k3.

(Assuming that Step 7.e.11 has been implemented, otherwise its c:\mrtg\wwwroot). Open Windows services, and stop SNMP, MRTG, CRON services.

I also having the same problem, the mrtg just empty, just appear the empty directory listing.

If you are planning to install a control panel on the server, recommended policy is to first do the CP install and then take MRTG as the last install in your group of installations on the server. Remember to have the windows server cd or I386 folder handy. Open services and go to properties of SNMP service.

Click on security, enable send authentication trap.

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