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I was hoping there'd be some animation upon seeing Mitsuki and Haruka in it but they moved little and it was mostly a montage of game pics which I don't think are included in the DC version due to their nature (although I could be wrong as I haven't gone beyond this point).I'll definitely give Kimi ga Nozumo Eien a play if/when I can get ahold of it.Although there seemed to be some minor resurgence in recent times with SD 2D-beat'em ups being produced, but otherwise they just stick with visual novels.Air for the Dreamcast is supposedly a very good story if you can read Japanese.Baldr Force Exe is another visual novel I collected because I liked the anime.The gameplay in it sounds a bit unimpressive from what little I've heard, isometric mech shooter in which you can improve your weapon stats as you progress.I was just checking the discs, Comic Party has bmp wallpapers for all the main female characters and even the guys; Taishi and those otaku duo Tate & Yoko. I noticed it works in some situations; when someone hits you, when you fall, when your heart beats or you have some mental shock/pause in the story, and such.

Several of their games after all were ported to PC Engine, Saturn, PSX, DC, PS2 etc via their family friendly branch TGL and lately Alchemist.

Some of those sound really interesting, but I never knew Baldr Force was a digital comic-style game. I've played thru Doukyuusei (PC Engine CD) with no trouble and was able to score a few girls at the end, and I'm currently working my way thru Can Can Bunny Extra (PC-FX) and writing a guide as I go along.

But some games I just can't really figure out, like, for instance, Graduation (PC-FX, I forget the Japanese name).

Seems like the DC has a ton of these kinds of games, but you really never hear much about them.

Are the early adult-themed GIGA games all strictly PC?

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