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This list of Kate Hudson's ex boyfriends and current flings is as up to date as you'll get.

The two, both at times irrational, started seeing each other as early as 1937 in New York and resumed their affair full bore at actor George Raft’s Hollywood home in 1939.

Four women struggle with their past in their life in Staten Island, Ny.

Carla Facciolo, known usually as the classy one, Ex Husband: Joey Fergganamo.

Soon, with incredible ease, using her looks, sexual liaisons and talents for laundering money and stolen merchandise, Hill rose higher than any other woman in the national underworld, an equal among the most infamous male racketeers in the United States, among them Meyer Lansky, Joe Adonis, Frank Costello, Johnny Rosselli, Charles and Joe Fischetti, Tony Accardo, Frank Nitti, William “Ice Pick Willie” Alderman, Jack Dragna and, most famously, Benjamin “Bugsy” Siegel.

Even as late as 1949, Hill was described as the “intellectual director” of the Chicago Outfit’s narcotics trafficking ring in Mexico by making the gang’s “financial and social contacts” and entering “high Mexican society through her many lovers,” according to a 1951 report by Rudolph Halley, lead counsel to the Senate Special Committee to Investigate Crime in Interstate Commerce, known as the Kefauver Committee.

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