Misadventures in dating

Which means that you can't really have the man you want.He can't sit around talking with you, or dream about marriage and family, if his mind is on how to make money, how to get a better position, how to be the kind of man he needs to be for you."Stability is important to you, but you'd rather build the foundation of your relationship together, no matter the man's station in life.

With real advice such as: "[If a man] hasn't lined up the who he is, the what he does, and hte how much he makes in the way that he sees fit, he can't possibly be to you what he wants to be.

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Also feeling particularly horribleterrible right now due to total laryngitis which has meant 3 days of not talking.

On the upside, I think I may be qualified to enter the convent soon.

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