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Your life energy flows along the 12 main meridians that exist on both sides of the body. So if you want to tone the organ, you work on that nerve bundle.In addition, there are two single meridians following the midline of the body, one at the front and the other along the spine. These points are essentially transformer stations through which bio-energy flows into the muscle structure to allow organized activity to take place.Electro-acupuncture instruments are relatively cheap and easy to use.What you're looking for when you work on an older person, is TENDER AREAS Try to find the tender points by pressing with a thumb or finger in a circular motion around the area indicated for each point on the charts of the meridians.So we have to clean them off occasionally or they start to affect organs. You have to use the cream so you can press hard and SLIDE at the same time. The nodes are not LYMPH NODES, either, which are in the armpit and on the under side of elbow. A patient who had two small heart attacks one morning found she had left side of chest, at armpit height full of sore meridians.Feel the nodes on the outer, upper side of forearm? Firm, lubricated, sliding massage along with a low-fat diet and supplements took the condition away.Furthermore, the points at the shoulders, the shoulder blades and the base of the neck control the circulation to the arms and hands; while the points at the hips, the buttocks and around the base of the spine control the circulation to the legs and feet.Therefore, treat poor circulation, numbness and pain in the extremities by pressing the points in the indicated control areas.

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THey're made up of nerves so they're more like WIRING in a HOUSE.only the channels aren't clean like in electrical conduit. So BONE UP ON LYMPH GLANDS so as a massage therapist, you never scrunch one HARD. Light effleurage in the region where LYMPH GLANDS HIDE.Bodies are full of juices and by-products of digestion and toxins and the wiring gets dirt on them. Take some hand cream and rub upwards on your forearm, right now. See THE SEPARATE PAGE ONThose can become even more enlarged and painful and when they are, they're the sign of an impending heart attack.Important meridians may be traced repeatedly during the day for 20 times or more.The strengthening effect may be increased if after several tracings you do a muscle-tensing exercise, Taking a deep breath while tensing your whole body and then relaxing it during exhalation.

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