Men with money dating

Dating apps such as Tinder,, Badoo, among others, are very popular among young women and men alike in Tanzania.

they use these platforms to meet potential partners, some use them to track down rich older men.

These men, who more often than not fall prey to strategic traps set for them by women on the loop, at times are married with families of their own.

The relationship therefore is covert, lest they risk losing everything once things are put out in the open.

Young women today are drawn to the life of depending on wealthy men to sustain the urban life.

At times the relationship can last for years, and other times it can be as short-lived as a week,” she says. She shops at some of the city’s most exorbitant malls and is always at an exclusive party every weekend.At the age of 22, the university student has explored the most scenic parts of the country. Reality is, Rahma’s life, however pleasant it might seem, has a secret behind it – she relies on men, who are sometimes more than twice her age, to keep up with the high-class lifestyle.She was a complete stranger in a new city – bewildered by the new life she’d encountered.“I managed to make a new friend at the university and she offered to help me with my accommodation conundrum by letting me move into her apartment,” she says.This served as a short-term respite from the ocean of worries that Aida was swimming in without any life jacket.

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